Reports and Updates


Note our new mailing address in the Contact Us page. Email address, phone numbers, and web page remain the same.



The group of friends below was part of the 155 women from 10 states who attended the 2020 Praise Unlimited Women’s Retreat at Black Rock Retreat January 24-26. The theme was “I Raise a Hallelujah,” based on current praise song by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser. The messages were based on phrases from the song.

Each year, in addition to the teachings, one lady gives a testimony related to the theme. This year Mary Gerlach told that her husband desperately needed a heart transplant and how God provided a heart for him—quite a hallelujah! Mary is now an active advocate for organ donation.

Ruth said she thought the singing at the retreat this year was among the most beautiful group worship she had ever heard. In her talk, Moye used a quip from a friend who years ago used to say there are 3 ways to praise the Lord. (1) Sometimes you praise the Lord. (2) Sometimes you praise the Lord ANYHOW! (3) And sometimes you praise the Lord anyhow WITH YOUR TEETH GRITTED! Amen!

Everybody says the retreat gets better every year. Next year’s date is January 22-24, 2021. Start planning and saving NOW so you’ll be sure not to miss it!



After moving, the women’s retreat came just four weeks later. On 2/8, her birthday, Ruth and I flew to Orlando to minister in the North Florida CFO. We saw lots of old friends, including two couples from Michigan who winter in FL. How wonderfully special to reconnect! After camp, we went with Bob and Debbie Thomas to visit her mother Clara Rosen, 98. Then we spent time at the new home of “adopted” granddaughter Sara Miller Mangold and her husband Ed. They took us to the airport to fly home. We were GLAD to get back to PA! We have talked seriously about not accepting future bookings that involve a plane. We’ll see!

We are slowly getting items in place in our new home. We’ve had lots of helpers, thank the Lord. Our next task: building relationships in our new community. We went to play Bingo at the club house last Friday night…a good start!

We bless you for your prayers on our behalf. Many of you are faithful financial supporters, helping to keep us solvent now that we have radically slowed our pace of activity. We are deeply grateful, and we pray for Father’s richest blessings to abound in your life and in your family. We love you!