Good Reading


That night when in Judean skies
The mystic star dispensed her light,
A blind man moved amid his sleep,
And dreamed that he had sight.
That night when shepherds heard the song
Of hosts angelic choiring near,
A deaf man stirred in slumber’s spell
And dreamed that he could hear.
That night when in the cattle stall
Slept child and mother cheek by jowl,
A cripple turned his twisted limbs,
And dreamed that he was whole.
That night when o’er the new-born babe
The tender Mary rose to lean,
A loathsome leper smiled in sleep,
And dreamed that he was clean.
That night when to the mother’s breast
The little King was held secure,
A harlot slept a happy sleep,
And dreamed that she was pure.
That night when in a manger lay
The Sanctified who came to save,
A man moved in the sleep of death,
And dreamed there was no grave.
Author Unknown


Because of Jesus’ presence dwelling in my heart so deep,
Because He’s everything I need my life to guard and keep;
I’m safe from Satan’s darkest threats. 
Christ calms the blackest storm. 

I’ll lean on Him in every fear and feel so dry and warm. 
Beneath His wings of safety, when winds and rains may blow, 
I’ll trust the light of God within to warm me with its glow.  

So in your world of darkness, where the way is often dim,
I want His light within me to show you the way to Him. 
To Him who is the brightest light, to Jesus, Lord and King;
He’s Master, Friend, Redeemer, Guide; His song I love to sing!

Together we’ll bear the light of God; 
we’ll open our hearts and shine,
Illumining the path to Him, to life serene, divine.
Divine Lord Jesus, Savior, Bright Morning Star, and King, 
We’ll serve you, Lord, together
And Your praises always sing. 

Ruth West



Picture5Honest, dependable Son of God seeks management position in Heart Department of all mankind.

QUALIFICATIONS: (John 3:16-17; 6:35-40; Romans  10:9-10)

  • Died on a cross, buried and resurrected on the 3rd day.
  • Came out of grave with “all power.”
  • Proficient in redesigning and renovating human hearts.
  • More than a conqueror in all circumstances.
  • Able to identify and meet complex needs of all people.
  • Experience working with people of all nationalities and all economic and educational levels.

SKILLS: (Matt. 14:15-21; 15:32-38; 17:14-18; John 2:1-11)

  • Experience in casting out devils and freeing captives.
  • Known for rescuing people in time of trouble.
  • Able to understand every language spoken on earth.
  • Deftly guides followers into truth and knowledge.
  • Empowers team members with His Holy Spirit.
  • Explains Biblical truths so even a child can understand.
  • Brilliantly conveys truth via parables and examples.


—Lord and Savior: (Acts 4:12;Rom. 5:8-9; Col. 1:20;   I John 1:7)

Set humanity free from sin through the awesome power of His shed blood. Currently seated at the right hand of the Heavenly Father positioned as high priest, mediator, and sovereign Lord and Master.

—Financial Advisor and Provider (Deut. 28:1-14;

Isa. 55:10; Malachi 3:10-11)

Proven track record for increasing the financial status of Christians who faithfully worship by  giving tithes and offerings.

Additional benefits include defeating one’s enemy by handling surprise bills, attacks on   family members,  sickness, disease, etc.

—-Omnipresent Communications Consultant

(Mk. 11:24; II Chron. 7:14; Jer. 29:11-13)

Wide experience in hearing and answering calls        and cries of His people, available 24-7.

—International Healer (Matt. 9;20-22, 27-30, 35; 10:9-13; 20:30-34; John 5;5-9)

He is Worthy and altogether lovely.