Schedule of Events


(Please clip, post, and pray!)

In our Christmas newsletter we asked for prayer for Jan Davis, Moye’s husband Lavon’s sister, who had just been diagnosed with cancer. Jan, 43, entered Hospice several days before Christmas. There she improved so much that for two weeks we thought we would get the miracle we had been praying for. But early on January 2, the family was called in; she had taken a sudden turn for the worse. That night, surrounded by loving family and friends who sang worship songs and recited Scripture, Jan stepped into Heaven.

On March 3, Lavon’s dad Al Stauffer, who had broken a hip on Christmas Eve and had been in a nursing home since late December, was reunited with Jan in the presence of Jesus. Please pray for the Stauffer family, especially for Ruth Ann, who has now lost a daughter and her husband in just over two months.


On February 15, Ruth broke 2 toes on her left foot when she missed a step in front of Moye’s house. The ER doctor told us surgery would not be needed; but to keep the foot elevated and to stay off it as much as possible. She has been a good patient; and when she must be up walking, she has worn a support shoe and used a walker. She is improving daily. Pray with us for complete healing and no residual pain when she and Amy lead the Holy Land tour.

 The rest of our family is doing well. Clark started a master’s in English program at Millersville University. Grant made the Dean’s list at Liberty University last semester. We send our love and deep appreciation for your faithful prayers and support. God bless you!




(Please clip, post, and pray!)



27-28 – Zone 7 CFO business meeting


21 – Resurrection Sunday! Hallelujah!


3-5 – Cragmont retreat: Signed, Sealed,

Delivered – Don’t miss it!

14-24 – Holy Land tour – Ruth and Amy

23-28 – CFO North America annual meeting,

Inwood, IA – Wayne


8 – Praise Unlimited board meeting

21-22 – Capon Springs CFO council ring

meeting in Lititz, PA


January 25-27 saw 167 ladies from 9 different states gathered at Black Rock Retreat for the  annual Praise Unlimited Women’s Retreat.


Join the fun, the praises, and the blessings next year: January 24-26, 2020!





THIS YEAR – JERUSALEM! Ruth and Amy will lead a Holy Land tour May 14-24, 2019. One site they will visit is the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, entrance is pictured here. Aisrael grotto beneath the main altar has a star marking the spot where, according to tradition, Mary lay the baby Jesus when He was born.


Our group of 18 will walk in the steps of Jesus in Capernaum, visit the hillside where He preached the Sermon on the Mount, sail the Sea of Galilee, visit the site of His crucifixion and the empty tomb! If you would like to join them, we MIGHT be able to get you in if you contact us at once! Email address and phone numbers appear in this newsletter. Call today!