Schedule of Events

(Please clip, post, and pray!)


29 – Ruth and Moye minister together at Keystone Evangelical  Free Church women’s day


12 – Resurrection Sunday

16-18 – VA CFO retreat at Roslyn in Richmond, VA.   Moye will speak; Wayne & Ruth lead worship


16-17 – Ruth and Moye – Retreat for Chambersburg Church of the Brethren, Camp Eder, Fairfield, PA

23 – Praise Unlimited Board meeting


May 18-28 – Amy and Moye will lead tour to Israel


Our new home at:

917 Cambridge Drive

Manheim, PA 17545


Downsizing to a much smaller house 1st required deciding what to keep! We sold some items, with joy gave  lots of things to needy people, threw away LOTS of “stuff”: some, “semi-valuable,” some, very precious, and some, “Where did that come from?” We did it…and are VERY happy in our new “little” house! Accumulated “stuff” can be bondage, and letting go of it is LIBERATING!

Less stuff means less to clean, less to organize, less to store, less MESS…and MORE TIME FOR FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND FOLLOWING JESUS!

Less REALLY IS more! Hallelujah!






















Men’s retreat – September 27-29

Maine Acadia CFO – October 18-23













Lord, you came down to the seashore;

You were not seeking the rich of the wise;

You only wanted me to go with you.


O, Lord, you looked deep in my spirit;

With a smile, you whispered my name.

In the sand I am leaving my sailboat;

By your side I will find a new life.


I first heard “The Sailboat Song” above in 1984 in Peru. I was given hand-printed Spanish words and a cassette recording of it being sung with guitars in a Catholic church. I brought it home to NC, where I learned and translated it. We first used it that year.