Family Report

COVID 19 has become a 21st century Goliath, and medical “Davids” are selecting their “smooth stones” from labs around the world as we all pray for victory over this fiendish menace. Life goes on!

In our last newsletter, we asked for prayer for Amy’s husband Norm. He had battled—and licked—prostate cancer this past year. Just as he returned to work, he was attacked by cellulitis and a blood infection leading to hospitalization and rehab to regain strength and mobility.

While improving at home, his job at Hershey Med Center ended, taking away their medical insurance. Norm has Medicare with a supplement; Amy has tapped into a group policy at her job, but the cost is challenging. Pray for them.

Clark is working on his Master’s thesis this summer.

He has one more class this fall and must defend his thesis. He hopes schools will reopen so he can sub and eventually get a job.

Preston and Courtney are buying a house! They worked hard to get out of debt and to save toward buying a home rather than renting. A cousin two doors from Moye and Lavon is downsizing; so they bought her duplex! They wanted to live in Lititz and are thrilled to be so near Preston’s parents.

Grant will do his fall semester at Liberty University on line. He has a good job at Federal Express.

Carson for now continues his supermarket job until the Lord shows him more direction.

We worship with our church on line. At our age and weight, we are vulnerable; so we think it wise. Wayne enjoys two men’s Bible study groups this summer. Ruth has made pickles and has frozen corn for this winter. Lancaster County peaches will soon be available, and we’ll freeze some of those, too—after we make at least one freezer of home-made peach ice cream to enjoy! God bless you!



Ruth and Wayne