Schedule of Events


(Please clip, post, and pray!)


Ruth had carpel tunnel surgery on both wrists this spring. She had experienced some pain and numbness, especially in her right hand. We praise the Lord for successful procedures!

She has no diminished dexterity when she plays piano! Hallelujah!

Amy had been having trouble with her left foot for nearly three years. Injections and a boot did not solve the problem; so in June she had surgery to fuse bones in the top of her foot. She has to stay off it for 6-8 weeks. She gets around with her left knee on a scooter. She just had her stitches removed and is again wearing a boot. She has been able to go back to her job as an optician at Jacobson Eye Care.

My health has improved! My dermatologist was pleased when I last consulted her, and my infections specialist took me off antibiotics when I saw her this morning. Thank you for your prayers for me—and for all our family.

Grant graduated with honors from high school on June 11. He is excited about going to Liberty University in Lynchburg in August. He has joked about getting away from his younger brother Carson. His assigned roommate is named Carson! What a hoot!

Preston works as a welder at Highland Tank in Manheim. He has a lovely serious girlfriend, so we may have a wedding in our family before too long!

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support. May God richly bless you!

Wayne and Ruth




21 – Prime Time (seniors) hymn sing at the         Worship Center

22 – Hymn sing for Philippians ABF @  LEFC



7-11 – Connecticut Gateway CFO



29 – Mid-year women’s retreat picnic at the home       of Wayne and Ruth West



12-14 – Coastal Carolina CFO, NC

28 to November 2 – Capon Springs CFO, WV



9-11 – Finger Lakes CFO, NY (Moye will speak; Wayne and Ruth lead worship and rhythms.)

22 – Thanksgiving Day








We already have some registrations for our tour to Israel May 14-24, 2019. Excitement is building as departure gets closer. Ruth, Amy, and Moye look forward to working with our excellent guide Exie Schlossburg to show each pilgrim unforgettable sites to make the reading of Scripture come alive.

Our departure from Newark (changed from JFK) will take us non-stop to Tel Aviv. Take my word for it: there is nothing like standing on the land of the Bible and walking where Jesus walked! Some places, like the Sea of Galilee, have changed very little while others reveal decades of archeological labor to uncover history. You will experience a kaleidoscope of ancient scenes from the pages of the Bible as well as modern sites reported in  today’s news.

Use the response column in this newsletter to request a brochure, or call or email us, and we’ll get a brochure on its way ASAP. NEXT YEAR – JERUSALEM!


















































































Men’s retreat – September 27-29

Maine Acadia CFO – October 18-23













Lord, you came down to the seashore;

You were not seeking the rich of the wise;

You only wanted me to go with you.


O, Lord, you looked deep in my spirit;

With a smile, you whispered my name.

In the sand I am leaving my sailboat;

By your side I will find a new life.


I first heard “The Sailboat Song” above in 1984 in Peru. I was given hand-printed Spanish words and a cassette recording of it being sung with guitars in a Catholic church. I brought it home to NC, where I learned and translated it. We first used it that year.