When Ruth and Amy led the trip to Israel last May 14-24, a new chapter began for the ministry of Praise Unlimited. Since 1978, Wayne and Ruth had been leading groups to the Holy Land. Wayne took six of his 17 tours solo, but Ruth had never led a tour without Wayne at her side. Encouraged by a positive experience when she, Amy, and Moye took 3 of our grandsons to Europe to visit her father’s grave in 2017, she went for it!

A setback occurred when the guide we had hoped for bailed. We prayed and trusted the Lord and Maranatha Tours to provide. The guide was Said Nassir, aisrael 1 Palestinian believer (far right in the picture), who was friendly and flexible and easy to work with. Both Amy and Mom enjoyed him immensely. Bus driver Nabil adopted Ruth, helped her on and off the bus, and took good care of her, occasionally even calling her “Mama Ruth.”

The group of 18 included a husband and wife who are visually impaired. Said confessed when he learned that, he was concerned about how much they would be able to do. Then he saw that they were determined not to miss a thing! They even went down the steps and through the tunnel at Megiddo! That’s no small feat!

For the ride on the Sea of Galilee, we had asked for the boat of Danny Carmel, a Jewish believer, who stops in the middle of the sea for a concert and anointed time of worship. Said also arranged for the group to eat St. Peter’s fish, a special treat.

Before leaving Galileisrael 2e, 8 pilgrims had requested baptism in the Jordan. Retired pastor Wilbur Hosler (right in the picture) offered this ministry. Here assisted by group member Rob Arters, they baptize Jerry Kindig, our blind pilgrim, as the rest of the group watched from the bank.

Suddenly a group of about a dozen came up to ask if they, too, could be baptized. Rob and Wilbur stayed in the cold water until all of the strangers had been immersed and went weeping on their way.

Wilbur said it was the highlight of his trip.

As soon as she got home, Amy started talking with Moye, who could not go this year, about the two of them leading a tour in 2021. They have already contacted Maranatha Tours and have set a date in May, 2021. Amy has requested Said as guide and hopes that Nabil will be the driver.

So start planning and saving! They have said that Ruth and I may go with them; but we have to see. We have two years to work on improved mobility!

God is good!